Feng Shui

Plus / Minus Rule -
As stated in the main book, the target number of any roll is based on how difficult the action is that you're trying to perform, while the roll itself is modified by how "cool" your description is. Well, that's all fine and good, but personally, I prefer to combine both modifications into one number. So, if a player tries to do some crazy feat that would add 5 to the target number, but he's giving me a description that I think is worth a 4 point bonus, I would just say "ok, roll it at -1" (+4 AV bonus -5 difficulty penalty). Normally, it really shouldn't matter which way you do it, but I find this method makes combat a little easier, since the players already know what target number they need to reach.

Crazy Dodging -
Normally, a dodge or a block raises the difficulty to hit you by 3. However, if you have a particularly creative way of dodging or blocking, I might give you an additional 1-3 point bonus.

You suck, now let me tell you how hard -
If a character attacks you, and you actively dodge, and he misses, then you (the player) may claim the right to explain the specifics of how the attacker missed (as opposed to the GM interpreting the dice rolls). This may not seem like such a big deal, but it comes in handy when using the counter-strike rule. Note that you may only use this rule if you perform Active Dodge. A Passive Dodge gets you squat. This is also the first House Rule that gets tossed if the players start misbehaving, so don't try to abuse it.

Counter Strike -
You ever notice in most Kung-Fu Movies how, nomatter how many people are in a battle, the camera tends to follow one or two people at a time as they strike and counter strike at eachother? To duplicate that effect, I introduce the Counter Strike Rule- ok, before I explain this one, let me specify that this rule should only be invoked if most of the players are fighting with their fists or personal melee weapons. If most players opt for gun-toting characters, then don't use it. You also might not want to use this rule if your group is too big. With 4 or less players, it works great, but once you get above 5, it can seriously disrupt the flow of the game. OK with that said, the counter strike rule basically means that if you successfully dodge or block an attack, you may immediately retaliate with a counter attack, even if it's not your turn. Counter attacks cost one more shot to perform than regular attacks. Add to that the necessary shot taken before it to dodge, and you're basically using up 5 shots, but if you're really slow, it's a great way to stay in the action. Counter attacks may be dodged, and the original attacker can opt to throw a counter-counter attack back at the defender, who can dodge and make a counter-counter-counter attack of his own, and so forth until someone connects or they run out of shots (at which point they basically stand there while everyone else is free to pummel them). Each consecutive strike adds 1 to the damage of whoever finally manages to land a blow.
Example: Ninja Bob is fighting a guy named Tim, who is armed with 2 pistols. Bob's first action is to jump up in the air, spin around, and kick Tim in the head. The GM says this is worth a +1 bonus to Bob's Martial Arts roll, and sets the difficulty to Tim's Guns skill, which is 15.. Tim declares that he's going to spend a shot to block, and that the exact nature of his block is to use his Magnum 357 to blow off Bob's kneecap as it comes screaming towards his face. The GM decides to give an extra +2 bonus to the dodge becuase that's a pretty cool description. Bob now rolls his Martial Arts vs 20 (Tim's Guns of 15 + 3 Active Dodge + 2 Crazy Dodge bonus). He fails his roll and misses. Now Tim can explain that Bob falls to the ground, clutching his knee. He says this so he can set up for his counter attack. For a counter, Tim points his gun at Bob's head and does his best Clint Eastwood impression ("feeling lucky...PUNK?"). The GM decides that Tim's a pretty good actor, so he gives him a +1 to his Guns roll. If this attack lands, Tim will do an extra +1 damage (becuase it's a Counter Attack). But now Bob says that he would like to dodge by throwing sand in Tim's eyes and rolling out the way a fraction of a second before the bullet tears through his head. The GM decides not to give bob a dodge bonus becuase that's been done to death. Tim's difficulty is only a 16 (Bob's Martial Arts of 13 +3 for an Active Dodge). Amazingly, Tim fails. Bob explains that Tim stumbles back, one hand covering his eyes, and the other hand shooting his pistol wildly. He then declares that as a counter, he'll try to sweep the now off-balanced Tim to the ground. If he succeeds, it'll do +2 damage (2nd counter). But now Tim says he would like to dodge by just shooting both guns in a blind frenzy, hoping to hit Bob... (and so it goes, on and on, until someone either lands a hit or runs out of shots).

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