Mekton Z

Initiative is determined by rolling 1D10+COOL, instead of 1D10+REFLEXES. This is to downplay the importance of REFLEX (which is used way too much), and to offer the players an incentive to buy other attributes (after all, variety is the spice of life).

Personal Combat Skills in Mecha-
There are times when you may use personal combat skills instead of mecha combat skills while piloting a mecha. In order to do this, the mecha MUST be humanoid in form, AND the control interface must be either a slave-control (bodysuit) or mind-control. Also, any actions you take using personal combat skills must be something that a person can actually do. In other words, you can use your brawling skill to throw a punch, or your blades skill to swing an energy sword, but if you wanted to fire internal weaponry, then you'ld have to use your mecha skills. The dificulty for using personal combat skills is based on the size of the mecha and the type of control interface you are using to pilot it. A Roadstriker-class mecha has a -2 penalty to use personal combat skills. A standard mekton-size mecha has a -4 penalty. Corvettes impose a -6 penalty. Nothing larger than a corvette may use personal combat skills. If the interface control is a mind-control apparatus (as opposed to a slave-suit), then reduce the difficulty by 2. These penalties are in addition to the all the standard MR penalties of the mech.

In addition to the benefits and faults listed in the MZ+ book, your sensor level also acts as a cap on your AWARENESS attribute. So, for example, if you buy a level 3 sensor package, and your AWARENESS is a 6, then you act as if your AWARENESS is only 3 while piloting your mech.

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